Palm Beach Rush’s Competitive division is for the players who are ready to take their development in this sport to the next level. Led by our highly experienced, professional Rush coaching staff, the PB Rush player will experience an increased volume of soccer training in an enjoyable, focused, goal-oriented, competitive environment. Our competitive teams train three times a week and compete in different formats during the weekends to further develop their skills. 

When can I join?

Palm Beach Rush conducts tryouts in the months of May and late in August (upcoming in August 30th and September 1st). These events allow us to form teams, but any player who is interested in joining the Palm Beach Rush Competitive division can do so at anytime (upon space in the roster). No need to wait to the following tryouts. Players are invited to train with a Rush team in their respective age group to determine the best developmental placement for them. Please contact Director Of Competitive Pablo Toledo at 561-510-5445 or at to begin this process.

program LEADER: Pablo TOLEDO
Contact info:

TRYOUTS: 2011, 2012, 2013, & 2014 BOYS & GIRLS





Pablo Toledo is PB Rush’s Technical Director and Rush Soccer’s Sporting Project Director, making him the club’s worldwide leader in coaching education and player development. His background combines coaching education and project management skills. He is a graduated Economist with a Master’s Degree in Project Evaluation who worked as a Project Manager for some of the largest corporations in the world, to later on specialize in what he’s passionate about: Coaching Soccer. His education in the sport is also extensive, holding a USSF B License and CONMEBOL / AFA PRO coaching licenses, as well as an International Master’s Certificate in Sports Training (Soccer concentration). He’s a reference in the industry and a regular presenter at the yearly United Soccer Coaches Convention.

Pablo Toledo

Director Of Competitive


CURRICULUM & Player Evaluation

Palm Beach Rush’s Competitive Branch, under the leadership of DOC Pablo Toledo, who’s also Rush Soccer’s Sporting Project Director, applies a thoroughly developed training curriculum (developed by himself and applied worldwide) to organize training in a logical, systematic progression, and accelerate development. This methodical application is complemented with Player Evaluations (checkpoints) that allows the coaching staff to constantly readjust the upcoming training cycles to serve the specific developmental needs of the players. 

This professional, highly proficient method is facilitated among the coaching staff with the implementation and use of Rush exclusive tools, allowing Palm Beach Rush to operate all of its programming with a superior standard of quality.

Player Placement, therefore, occurs all year round, as the coaches gather to assess progress objectively and define the best developmental environment for each player.  




Player Movement

During any other time of the year, a Rush player may be asked to transfer or may request a transfer to another Rush team. The Rush will transfer this player, only in certain circumstances such as injuries, player/coach conflicts, consideration to the implications of the entire age group, ability level, etc. Head Coaches must communicate to their respective DOC to approve any player movement within the club. This process will always be done with the player in mind first and what is best for their development.